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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

The highy anticipated G-Rock, paper, scissors tournament is tonight on the outfield concourse.  I have heard Erin and Kramer on G-Rock’s morning show pumping this up for weeks now during my morning commute.  They sound really excited to referee.  Kind of a funny story as to how this thing started as an idea around here.  Our Director of Group Sales, Jim McNamara won a local qualifier for the National RPS competition in Las Vegas a few months back.  Next thing he knows, he has an all expense paid trip to Vegas to compete on a national stage.  When all was said and done, he was done in the first round.  After talking to him just a few minutes ago, evidently his research failed him.  He found out that statistics show a majority of combatants throw rock first.  Not that time, as he threw paper and it didn’t cut it for him forcing a loss to scissors.