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There’s No Crying In Baseball

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Why has it become a rite of passage for men to cry, but still not ok for a woman? Why can’t it just be seen as a release of emotions?

Just about four weeks ago the Yankees were eliminated from the first round of the postseason for the third consecutive year. As a result, the end of an era for team manager Joe Torre, thanks to George Steinbrenner.

As an avid Yankee Fan, I of course was very saddened by the news, considering that Torre is one of the finest managers in baseball. Many spoke out about the loss but what completely surprised me was the fact that even our rivals, Red Sox manager Terry Francona voiced his support for Torre. However one person who took Torre’s departure particularly hard, in the public limelight, was Yankees announcer Suzyn Waldman. In the post game show after the announcement, Waldman broke down on the air. As you may have expected, her professionalism and impartiality were called into question, and the criticism was deep. Her tearful report quickly became an Internet hit, and she was mocked everywhere, especially on radio.

Just to name a few big-name athletes and announcers who have teared up for all to see: Brett Favre, Keyshawn Johnson, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. What do all of these names have in common? They’re all men!

So how come when a man tears up it’s admirable but not when a woman does? Men who cry are considered ‘sensitive.’ Women who cry are considered ‘weak’ with a lack of control. Why is there such a double standard? If we have come such along way in the fight of equality among the sex’s why were Waldman’s tears the talk of the town?

World Series 2007 Set

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

The Boston Red Sox will host the Colorado Rockies beginning October 23 at Fenway Park.  One might have assumed the Red Sox would make it this far as they were clearly the best team in the American League this year.  On the other hand, who would have thought the Rockies would represent the National League?  They have made one of the most remarkable runs in the history of Major League Baseball.  The Rockies, making their first ever World Series appearance, have won 21 of their last 22 games and have swept both the Phillies and Diamondbacks in the playoffs. 

The Red Sox will start their ace and potential CY Young Award Winner in Josh Beckett against the Rockies 17-game winner Jeff Francis in Game 1.  Beckett, the ALCS MVP, has been almost unhittable this postseason going 3-0, striking out 26 batters and allowing 3 earned runs in 23 innings of work.  He also has pitched in the World Series before as he closed out game 6 of 2003 series against the Yankees as a member of the Florida Marlins.

Both teams feature great offensive players.  The Red Sox are led by David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez along with complementary players such as Kevin Youkilis, Mike Lowell and rookie Dustin Pedroia.  The Rockies might have the National League MVP in OF Matt Holliday who hit .340 with 36 home runs and drove in 137 runs in the regular season.  Other notable offensive players include SS Troy Tulowitzki, Garrett Atkins, long time 1B Todd Helton and ex-Met Kaz Matsui. 

As much as I would like to see the Rockies win the championship for the National League, I believe the experience and pitching of Beckett and Curt Schilling will lead the Red Sox to their second World Series title in the last four years.  I predict the Red Sox win in 6 games.  My World Series MVP will also be Josh Beckett.      


Friday, October 19th, 2007

In case you didn’t realize, there are still playoff games going on.  Tough to tell through all of the Joe Torre news, but the baseball season is actually still going!  Yankee fan or not, Joe Torre fan or not, most people, myself included, respect him.  A great guy who went through a lot both professionally and personally over the last dozen years.  Maybe by Yankee standards his time was up, maybe he was unfairly let go.  Whatever your opinion is, do we need a 1 hour pre-show on ESPN leading up to his press conference today?  But I guess that 1 hour Baseball Tonight special (at 1 PM) was just in case you missed all the coverage on SportsCenter right before it!

He’s a great guy who’s accomplished a lot.  But I felt like ESPN lost it’s last 3 letters and it was just E Celebrity Gossip.  George said this, Joe said that, Cashman’s not saying this.  Do any of them play for the Rockies who aren’t going to lose a game until April?

And what does this mean for when A-Rod makes a decision?  They may as well cancel that week’s worth of television. Should we just institute the A-Rod Channel now? 

Lakewood BlueClaws Internship Turned A Non-Baseball Fan Into One

Monday, October 15th, 2007

One of the BlueClaws Front Office summer interns discusses the impact of his position on his feelings towards baseball..

Growing up I played a different sport each season,  Football in the fall and Hockey in the winter , both of which are  fast, intense, and physical sports. When spring came around and it was time to play baseball, which to me was a very slow and non physical game, it was hard to keep interested. Therefore baseball didn’t last long in my rotation of sports, I quickly moved to playing lacrosse in the spring. Since little league was so boring to me, it turned me off from playing and watching baseball during my Grammar and high school years. Then when I got to college I started watching a little bit because of my roommates, but it was really only when the Red Sox vs. Yankees games. After 12 years of no real interest in baseball, I got the opportunity to be a summer intern here at the BlueClaws. When I told one of my friends I was going to intern with a minor league baseball team they laughed and thought I was joking. I made it clear to them that just because I was working for a baseball team that my feels about baseball would not change. 

Boy was I wrong, after about a month of working for the team and walking around the stadium during games interacting with the fans it was hard not to enjoy it.  When I was able to watch the games I even found my self actually getting into the games. I now am in a fantasy baseball league, and following this year’s playoffs. My teams are the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox not because I think they have good players but because growing up all my friends were Yankee fans so I would root for the teams they hated. All and all, I have changed my feelings and interest of baseball and have enjoyed going to games, although if there is a football or hockey game on TV they will always have priority of baseball, but now I might flip to the baseball game more often.

Moving In…

Friday, October 12th, 2007

The BlueClaws recently added a member to our Front Office Staff and here’ are her first impressions… 

I recently moved to New Jersey and began working with the BlueClaws in the ticket department. So far my biggest complaint about New Jersey is the jug handle. I understand the purpose is to remove congestion on crowded roadways but it seems like more people don’t realize that in order to go left they must stay right and almost cause an accident trying to move over. On the other hand, Wegmans is my favorite place EVER to shop. Seriously, I know it sounds funny but I love it there, it has great food. My favorite thing being the 2 lb brownies with chocolate frosting they have in the bakery. Being a native of Massachusetts, when I thought of places that I might move New Jersey wasn’t even on the list. But I have been surprised so far, the people are very friendly and I am even closer to the beach; however, working in baseball all summer I don’t know how much of it I will actually see. I have now been here for about three weeks and I realized I have seen very little of what New Jersey has to offer. I haven’t even seen Atlantic City yet. Therefore, my first goal in the off season is to take advantage of the time off to see what other great things I can find in New Jersey.



October Means Playoffs

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

As it starts to get colder (well, kinda), things seem to slow down here at the FirstEnergy.  Seem being the key word.  We just had Wingstock 2007 (which you can read about in the post below), we’re starting to open up the facilities (batting cages) for little league teams to use, and there always seems to be something going on upstairs in the BlueClaws Executive Conference Center.  

But right now, I’m going to try to stay focused on why we’re here:  baseball.  

Divisional Series Wrap Up  

Philadelphia vs. Colorado:  It was nice seeing a little bit of BlueClaws past gearing up for a divisional series.  Too bad the Fightin’s couldn’t get past the big bad Rockies.  

Cleveland vs. NY Yankees:  End of an era.  End of a Dynasty.  Francisco Carmona and C.C. Sabathia are NASTY pitchers.  I’d be scared of this team.  

Arizona vs. Chicago Cubs:  I didn’t realize this series was going on until I checked out  

Boston vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:  RedSox Nation didn’t even wake up for this series.  That and the Angels were doing their best imitation of a M.A.S.H. unit.  


Colorado over Arizona, in one of the least watched Championship series of all time.  

Boston over Cleveland, in magnificent walkoff fashion.  

Boston over Colorado, home field advantage, 3 top pitchers, and as always Big Papi.  

What A Show….

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Well friends, Wingstock ’07 has come and gone.  The weather could not have been better and the crowd could not have been happier.  Concert goers came out by the thousands to see the likes of Marshall Tucker Band, Little Feat, Foghat and Paul Rodgers along with many local bands.  The wing cook off was the big draw of the afternoon as fans tried to get a taste of everyone’s wings, eventually crowning the Saw Mill of Seaside Park as King of the Wing for 2007.  Wingstock has quickly become a great Fall tradition here at FirstEnergy Park and we hope to see everyone out in 2008!

Were you here?  Did you have a favorite act?  A favorite wing that didn’t win?  We’d love for you to share your Wingstock experience with us and all your fellow fans!