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A Very BlueClaws Christmas

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

As we get further into the offseason, I continue to hear a familiar question.  One that I know has come up on the blog many times.  “What do you do when the team’s gone?”  So many people think we pack it up on Labor Day and take a huge vacation.  As nice as that would be, it’s just a misnomer.  Would you believe that it’s just as busy now as it is in July?  Well that may not be entirely true, it may actually be a little bit busier right now….

Like everyone else, we’re hustling to get all the holiday shopping done and make family plans to see all the important people in our lives during this time of year.  But like many of you, our occupations around this time of year are to make sure you can get that awesome gift for those same important people.  If you walked into the office right now, you wouldn’t believe how many staffers are on the phones trying to make sure ticket package holders get the seats they need or sweatshirt gifts or whatever it is they may need.  But that’s the great part, baseball lasts a few summer months, but we get to continue this fan/ballpark relationship all year long!

The holiday season brings so many other cool things to the ballpark for us though.  Thanks to so many of you, we collected tons of toys and other donations at our annual Breakfast With Buster Holiday Drive.  It’s such a great event for everyone and the Salvation Army always comes out on top.  Around that same weekend, there was an annual Santa Drop on our field.  Sounds painful, but he’s not actually dropped!  A helicopter lands in the outfield and out comes Kris Kringle to make his way to downtown Lakewood. 

From the office standpoint, it’s a great time of year to see so many of the BlueClaws staff alumni as they make their way back to the Shore to visit with families for the break.  Our annual Holiday party is also always a good night out and this year was no different.  Just don’t ask a certain General Manager who won in laser tag….

To catch up on the non-holiday happenings real quick…. By now you’ve heard that Steve Roadcap will be back to lead the ‘Claws in ’08.  We’re thrilled to have him back and know that we’re headed for success on the field.  You’ve also heard by now that the Phillies Winter Tour is headed back to Lakewood in a few weeks.  While you can read all about that in our news section, just know that it’s going to be extra special this year with a half dozen local charities benefitting from the event. 

We hope that your Holiday season is filled with as much excitement and joy as ours has been so far.  Enjoy this time of year and all that it brings and here’s to the start of a tremendous ’08!

Mike’s Memories

Friday, December 7th, 2007

My name is Mike Leonard, and I’m the Director of Business Development for the BlueClaws.  This will be my 9th season in professional baseball—wow, time really flies in this business—1 with the Durham Bulls, 5 with the Minnesota Twins, and now my 3rd with the BlueClaws.  If this blog is all about the passion of the game, I guess I should also mention the summer of 1997 when a buddy & I took a journey across the country to see games in all 30 or so major league baseball parks….in a Geo Metro no-less….as well as my best baseball influence–my father, who has been crazy about baseball for longer than I can remember.


Anyway, it really has been a crazy ride, so I thought it might be fun to think back on some of my favorite and least favorite moments in the biz.


Leno’s Favorite moments in professional baseball
Working alongside Harmon Killebrew, Kirby Puckett, Kent Hrbek & Tony Oliva

Doing bodyguard duty for cal ripken Jr

King Kong Bundy putting me in a headlock

Emceeing Singles Nights

Helping judge a chicken-wing eating contest

Being Fat Elvis on Elvis Night

Being the Greatest American Hero on superhero night

Going to Baseball meetings

Stealing ideas from other teams and claiming them as my own

BlueClaws Kangaroo Kourt sessions

Helping interns make their first connections with customers

Helping customers fix problems

Celebrating with the 2006 BlueClaws/finally getting that championship ring

Steve Farago’s 13th inning Dance Party


Leno’s Least Favorite moments
Chasing kids out of the upper deck at 3 am on scout night sleepovers

The worst old-man tarp slide in the history of professional baseball

Losing the kangaroo court election to some skinny kid

Poorly-working gameday radios

Canoe paddles on an early September day


If you’d like to share your own favorite/least favorite moments in baseball, or if you have comments/would like to judge me on the above list, feel free to reply to my blog.


Thanks and have a great holiday season!