Buy Stock in Hot Dogs or Pepto?

My name is Chris Tafrow and I have been the director of food and beverage for the past 3 years.  I ask myself sitting at my desk… what should I write about today?  And the first thing that came to mind was hot dogs.  Man these things are great!!!  Everybody loves a nice tube steak in a bun. Weather you put relish, ketchup, or mustard on it.  It’s your hot dog and you can have it any way you want so sit back relax and enjoy it! You can have it boiled, cooked on the grill or yes… even fried.  That would be where the pepto comes in. I personally enjoy my hot dog grilled with a little bit of ketchup and relish.  I have never really been a huge mustard person, but will take mustard from time to time.  I guess it all really depends on my mood. 

Did you know?!? 

-If hot dogs consumed in major league ballparks were laid end to end, they would stretch from Yankee Stadium in New York City to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles (Source WQED Pittsburgh)

-In 2006, consumers spent more than $3.9 billion on hot dogs and sausage in the U.S   

-On Independence Day Americans will enjoy 150 million hot dogs 

-The average hot dog is consumed in 6 bites 

-Babe Ruth once ate 12 hot dogs and 8 bottles of soda in between a double header!   

Please answer the following questions for me and reply to my blog! 

-What is your favorite hot dog?  -What do you like to put on your hot dog? 

-What is your favorite ballpark hot dog? 

-Who has the best hot dog in town? 

-Do you like your hot dog grilled, fried, or boiled? 

-The biggest decision……hot dog or hamburger? 

Again it’s your hot dog, and there are some many things you can do with it!!!!!  ENJOY     


One Response to “Buy Stock in Hot Dogs or Pepto?”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Dear Mr. Tafrow,

    You really sound like you have a passion for hot dogs! I’ve never seen a man have so much love for this type of meat.

    I have to say the Blueclaws have some of the best franks around! I like my weiner w/ all the fixings – ketchup, mustard and sour krout!

    Why is that a hot dog at home doesn’t taste half as good as one at a baseball game? What do you do to make them so delicious? Is there a secret sauce or technique you use?

    Happy Eatings!

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