Moving In…

The BlueClaws recently added a member to our Front Office Staff and here’ are her first impressions… 

I recently moved to New Jersey and began working with the BlueClaws in the ticket department. So far my biggest complaint about New Jersey is the jug handle. I understand the purpose is to remove congestion on crowded roadways but it seems like more people don’t realize that in order to go left they must stay right and almost cause an accident trying to move over. On the other hand, Wegmans is my favorite place EVER to shop. Seriously, I know it sounds funny but I love it there, it has great food. My favorite thing being the 2 lb brownies with chocolate frosting they have in the bakery. Being a native of Massachusetts, when I thought of places that I might move New Jersey wasn’t even on the list. But I have been surprised so far, the people are very friendly and I am even closer to the beach; however, working in baseball all summer I don’t know how much of it I will actually see. I have now been here for about three weeks and I realized I have seen very little of what New Jersey has to offer. I haven’t even seen Atlantic City yet. Therefore, my first goal in the off season is to take advantage of the time off to see what other great things I can find in New Jersey.



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  1. Loyal Fan Says:

    That was a very nice write up by???? It would be nice to know who wrote it.

  2. Kate Says:

    Thanks for the compliment. My name is Kate and I am working in the season ticket department. Have a great off season.

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