What’s Been Going On

1. Barajas and Victorino- So maybe Victorino didn’t get to take the field, but how about having two rehabbing Major Leaguers on our roster at the same time? (In case you were curious, no, that has never happened here before.) That makes three r

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ehab assignments in Lakewood for the season thus far. Maybe you heard about some guy named Howard that was here in May?

2. Beating the rain!- We just dumped last night’s storm off of the tarp and are doing everything we can to get tonight’s double header under way on time (5:05!). If any field is going to hold up after some decent rain, it’s FirstEnergy’s. This 4-game homestand vs. the Crawdads has big playoff implications and we’re going to do our best to finish it out.

3. Counting Crows Prep- The stage goes up tomorrow for the Jersey Shore’s concert event of the summer. Every day on the way to work I hear the radio stations promoting it. People around the office are pumped to see the whole event go down. Fans around the park are getting excited. If you’ve been to a few games, you know we always try to give you some pertinent info and flyers on your way out of the ballpark. As we’ve been giving out our concert flyers, it’s been real exciting to see people’s faces as they recognize the magnitude of this show.

Were you here for Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson a few years back? What about Def Leppard and Bryan Adams? We’d love it if you’d share some of your FirstEnergy Park concert memories here!

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  1. Chstk Says:

    Will/did Victorino play tonight?

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