Adrian Cardenas

He’s no longer in the Phillies organization, but we thought it would be nice to check in with 2007 BlueClaws second baseman Adrian Cardenas. Part of the Joe Blanton trade, he’s now a member of the Oakland Athletics organization, and as a 20-year old this summer, was promoted to Double-A, where he hit .279 in 26 games. He’s considered to be one of the top prospects in baseball at second base, and he could conceivably see the big leagues before age 23 if he keeps progressing at the same rate.

The A’s by the way, who drafted a 2b high up in the most recent draft (before the trade) put Cardenas back at short, where he played in high school. It may or may not be permanent, we’ll see. Jonathan Mayo of caught up with Cardenas a few weeks ago in Arizona.

He was down in Arizona in the fall league, and offered up a guest blog on Go read that. You’ll learn something about a fascinating, well rounded, young baseball player. When he was here in 2007, Adrian told me that if not for baseball he had a good chance to go to the Julliard School at Lincoln Center to study music, which I think we can safely say puts him in a pretty small group of baseball players, and athletes in general.

Quick story, last year (2007) Cardenas gets picked to go to the Futures Game. There were only a handful of guys from the South Atlantic League (or Midwest League, the equivilent A-ball league) who played in the game, and it was a great honor for Adrian, who was just 19 at the time. So a few days before he’s leaving (for San Francisco), I’m interviewing him for the pregame show, and I asked him what he was most looking forward to. I guess it was earlier in that homestand, it might have even been the night before, the BlueClaws had faced Pedro Beato of Delmarva for the fifth time (it’s the first week of July mind you), and he had joked about seeing Beato so often. And Adrian, as he mentioned in his blog entry about this year’s Fall League, said he just wanted to get the chance to compare his game to some of the top Double-A or Triple-A prospects in the sport.

So the game is moving right along, he hadn’t played yet. It’s the seventh inning, and he finally gets his first at-bat. Anyone want to offer a guess as to who was pitching?

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