70 in 70: Number 1

Simple: you guys.

Best fans 1
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nter”>Best fans 2

2 Responses to “70 in 70: Number 1”

  1. NICK AMATO Says:

    The Mooseketeers are BACK!!!!!!

  2. Melinda Says:

    I have had the greatest pleasure of watching Anthony Gose
    at a very young age work very hard and constantly growing, eat, and sleep baseball. Anthony don’t just play baseball, he thinks baseball. Anthony Gose has baseball talent that you can’t teach you either have it or you don’t and he definitely has it ,comes natural, easy, and effortless. Anthony’s work ethics are well beyond his age always hungry for more baseball knowledge just can’t get enough and I think he was born to play baseball. I have seen him play a left handed catcher, first base, third base, out field, second base, and a pitcher and were the best at all positions even being left handed was very blessed with natural baseball talent.

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