A Letter From Dusty

wathan-coach(The letter below was sent over to us by BlueClaws manager Dusty Wathan)

I just wanted to write a short letter to thank all the fans in Lakewood.  My family and I are very grateful for the support of the front office and all the fans.  The people of the Jersey Shore are very lucky to have a front office that runs such a first class organization. 

What a great experience we had this summer.  From the cold rainy days in April, to the two beautiful nights in September when we took a 2-0 lead in the South Atlantic League Finals.  There is only one thing that I wish we could have changed and that would have been to have celebrated the championship at First Energy Park with all of you. 

The fans on the Jersey Shore are like no others.  The support that you give the players is unimaginable.  We would come off a 13 hour bus ride and be totally out of gas.  Yet that night 7,000 of you would show up and give the team the energy that it needed to get through a tough night with little to no sleep.

Hopefully you and your family had as much fun and excitement as my family did this summer.  I have spent 16 years in this game and this was one of my most enjoyable seasons yet.  I hope that you continue to support this team and this special place on the Jersey Shore.  Thanks again to the BlueClaws’ front office and the great people of the Jersey Shore.

See you at the ballpark,

Dusty Wathan


2009 South Atlantic League Champs

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    Coach, Thank you and your family for another GREAT year. I only hope my Grandchildren show as much energy as you did all season, getting down to that third base coaching box. Good Luck in your future from all of us.

  2. Kenny Bernsein Says:

    Way to go Dusty and all the Claws!

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