BlueClaws On eBay

Quick eBay update for you…we have two more eBay auctions that are coming down to the end, and again, tremendous opportunities for fans to enjoy a game in a place where they might have have been able to do so otherwise at a great price to boot!

First up, a special party deck for Memorial Day. Baseball is meant to be played on Memorial Day. Period, end of story. So come out and join us. You and 29 friends, opening bid is at $350 (it’s a $1,000+ value). Your own private buffet and a special party deck to watch the game. Bidding ends Wednesday afternoon.

Then a personal favorite of mine, a press box suite for the game on May 29th. The only way to enjoy a game from the press box suite is through an eBay auction. You and three others get your own suite in the press box, a BlueClaws media guide, game notes, a $100 food credit, and the best place in the house to watch the post-game fireworks. Good luck!

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