Bobbling to the Ballpark

BobbleheadsBig day here in Lakewood. We’ve confirmed our four bobblehead dolls that will be given away during the 2009 season. We’re looking at a Phillies-centric list here this year, of course, with the parent club having won the World Series in 2008. But most exciting to us is the continuation of the “Made the Phillies” series, with Lou Marson and JA Happ.

  • June 9th, Lou Marson “Made the Phillies,” Smart Carpet and Flooring
  • June 15th, Charlie Manuel “World Series Champions,” American Red Cross
  • June 30th, JA Happ “Made the Phillies,” Verizon Wireless
  • July 16th, Cole Hamels World Series MVP Bobbleheads, RE/MAX of New Jersey

There you go. Individual game tickets go on sale at FanFest on March 7th, 12 noon.

Keep on bobbling. Below the fold, by the way, is a list of everyone who has been bobbled in BlueClaws history.




Jeff Manto

2003  Mike Schmidt 

Gavin Floyd

2004 Cole Hamels 

Ryan Howard Gavin Floyd (USA jersey) 

Eric Finkel 

BlueClaws fan (Marie Fallaci of Long Branch)

2005  Derek Jeter 

Al & Mark Leiter

2006 Gavin Floyd (Made the Phillies) 

Ryan Howard (Made the Phillies) WOBM-AM’s Bob Levy 

Eude Brito (Made the Phillies)  Jim Dowd 

Robinson Tejeda (Made the Phillies)

2007 Cole Hamels (Made the Phillies) 

Michael Bourn (Made the Phillies)  Dave Huppert (SAL Trophy) 

Chris Roberson (Made the Phillies)

2008 Kyle Kendrick (Made the Phillies) 

Jimmy Rollins (MVP)  Carlos Ruiz (Made the Phillies) 

Mike Zagurski (Made the Phillies)

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