Chronicling the Deadline…Knapp Style

Wednesday was a very strange day in BlueClaws history, one in which four players, all BlueClaws at one time or another, were traded in one deal. We were in Greenville, South Carolina, heading back to Lakewood after the game that night. Here’s a brief recap of the festivities from my perspective.

10:30 am: After watching the first of two episodes of my favorite television show, Frasier, word comes down (thru Twitter) that Carlos Carrasco had been scratched from his scheduled start that morning for Lehigh Valley, and neither Lou Marson nor Jason Donald were in the lineup. Obviously that’s a major tip-off that a deal was imminent, and we figured for Cliff Lee since the discussion surrounding Roy Halladay were about a different group of prospects.

11:15 am: Have to check out of the hotel room (15 minutes ago), so it’s down to the lobby and the wireless internet.

11:45 am: Word begins to come out from the various reporters out there that a deal for Lee is awfully close.

12:00 pm: Dave Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News tweeted that Donald, recovering from a knee injury, was always scheduled to have today off. Marson had caught the previous night before. But still the Carrasco scratch was a clue that even a non-Sherlock Holmes would have been able to decipher.

1:30: A deal breaks, we first saw it from Yahoo! Sports. Phone starts ringing. Where’s Knapp? He’s at the mall.

About 2:00: Knapp, walking around the mall with BlueClaws relief pitcher Rob Roth, hears first from his agent that a deal went through.

2:45: On the bus to the ballpark with SportsCenter on the tv, Jayson Stark notes that Knapp was the centerpiece of the deal from the Indians perspective, leading to ooohs, aaahs, and nagging from Knapp’s soon-to-be former teammates.

3:00: At the ballpark, Knapp waits to hear something official, while the BlueClaws head out onto the field to begin stretching, or head to the cages to start hitting, without him. Everyone shook his hand and wished him well in case he was gone before they came back inside.

5:30: He’s still here, and pacing back and forth around the locker room while the BlueClaws were taking batting practice. Knapp wasn’t allowed to do anything, from stretching, running, walking briskly, and he could forget picking up a baseball.

6:55: Knapp, in his BlueClaws uni, comes out to watch the game from the dugout.

7:07: First pitch.

7:50: Knapp returns to the locker room, changes out of his BlueClaws uniform for the final time, and heads to Cleveland.

He could join Lake County, and while he might not be back off the DL in time to pitch next week, we’d say there’s more than a decent chance he could pitch for the Captains against the BlueClaws in one of the other two series between the two, one in Lake County and one in Lakewood.

One other note about the day…Marson, Donald, and Carrasco, all former BlueClaws in the deal, were with Lehigh Valley playing Columbus. All they had to do was switch dugouts.

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