ClawCast: Troy Hanzawa

Had a chance to sit down for a ClawCast with BlueClaws shortstop Troy Hanzawa (listen here)…A number of different topics on the schedule, some snippets follow:

  • Long season: “I feel last year end the year I was more drained than this year…I guess because we’re in a playoff race, you feel better about it.”
  • Playoffs coming up: “It’s always good…You’re playing for something, not just playing.”
  • Playing for Tony Gwynn: “Never forget what he tells you…You have to listen to what he says, the way he’s been able to hit and the success he had.”
  • On Stephen Strasburg: “He came in a little out of shape, coming out of high school. You knew he could be good, but he made a big jump from where he was his freshman year.”
  • Defense: “Pitchers’ job is to get groundballs and pop flies. When they get ground balls to me, it’s my job to get them out.”

More in there…Enjoy.

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