Countdown 2010: The First Three

tenthseason2We alluded in a previous post about our Countdown 2010. We’ll be unveiling top ten lists beginning in January of some BlueClaws related item or items. Today, we’ll start collecting.

Below are the three categories that we want to start with today. We’ve posted some suggestions or examples, but please put anything you want in a category for consideration. Answer in the comments section below. Thanks!

  • Giveaway items: Anything from a Buster bobblehead doll, to a Ryan Howard statue, lightswitch cover, luggage tag, cereal bowl, replica championship pennant, or beach towel.
  • Moments: How about either of the two BlueClaws championships, Ryan Howard’s rehab appearance in 2007, the 4-millionth fan/Brett Myers daily double, having the World Series trophy on Opening Day 2009, a crowd of 13,003 in August of 2002.
  • Celebrity appearances: We’ve hosted wrestlers like Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Seargent Slaughter, and Jerry the King Lawler, Hall of Famers like Steve Carlton, Jim Rice, and Bob Feller, to American Idol stars like Antonella Barba. Click here for a full list.

Thanks for playing, and again, you are not limited to those listed above. Those were just suggestions. Answer in the comments section. We’ll have more next week.

11 Responses to “Countdown 2010: The First Three”

  1. Dean Carvallo Says:

    What about giving away baseball bracelets?

  2. Greg Says:

    Dean, I’ll pass that along. We’re looking for favorites among giveaways that we’ve done, if you’d care to chime in.

  3. Gene Zonis Says:

    Two moments i recall but don’t remember the exact dates.
    1- I think it was in 2002 but a Blueclaw pitcher tossed a no hitter
    but lost the game.
    2-I remember a fireman’s night where I think they all had a little to much to drink and when the game was over they turned on all the water from their trucks and the parking lot looked like a flood had hit it. Maybe not such a great moment but a lot of fun.

  4. Greg Says:

    Gene, that was Gavin Floyd in 2002, yep.

  5. Mick Says:

    how about a bobblehead a month of key BlueClaw player starting with the year 1. also SAL championship gear (hats, pennants, trophy replica) is a must.

  6. Kellie Says:

    You guys should give away a rally towel. It would be awesome to see the whole stadium waving towels especially when it is botttom of the ninth and 2 outs!!

  7. Greg Says:

    Mick, we’re doing something similar to both of those, no question about it.

    Kellie, we gave rally towels away during the post-season games this year.

  8. Jim Quinn Says:

    One of “The Top Ten” would be during the 2004 season with the drawing for the “Number 1 Fan” Bobblehead. It was a rainy opening night and with the rain falling all day my girlfriend did not want to go saying the game would be called anyway, but I made her go. The concourse was filled with fans just waiting for the game to be either played or canceled along with waiting for drawing to be held. Well at about 7:35 pm “Finkle” made his way on to the field and announced the game was postponed and said he would draw the winner. As my girlfriend and I made our way out we heard “Finkle” read off her name what a surprise. I would love to see this promotion brought back, but at least I have the first “Number 1 Fan”

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  11. bobbi Says:

    Favorite moment – The very first game, sitting through the challenging weather to be a part of it, and being able to root for our own pro baseball team.

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