Dave Schofield from Spring Training

BlueClaws team photographer Dave Schofield checks in from Spring Training in Clearwater. He sent this over yesterday. All photos by Dave Schofield. Enjoy…

Bernie WilliamsToday is an exciting day for me as I get to shoot the USA team for the first time, in their last game before heading west to begin the World Baseball Classic. It is interesting how the different teams prepare for these games. It almost seems as though the other teams, those who are not the USA, take great pride in playing for their countries, while USA players almost seem to take these games as a distraction. I will know more after today’s game, and be able to see first hand. Of course, these are exhibition games which are played within exhibition games, no a lot might not be taken from them anyway.

Yesterday Team Canada played the Phillies and though Canada had Justin Morneau and Corey Koskie in the lineup, there pitching was no match for the bats of the Phillies. John Mayberry Jr. hit a lazer home run, I believe his second or third of the spring. It would seem he is bidding for a spot on the World Series Champion Phillies roster.

I have gotten my first inquiry from the blog and this is from John Spoulous, who asks me what he might do to become a Team Photographer for a baseball team. Well John, the first thing I might to is take umbrage from your comment about my “parading” around FirstEnergy Park!! I might prefer, “…steadily walking around performing my duties…” but in all seriousness, there IS no magic formula for becoming a team photographer. In my case, it occurred after 30 years of shooting freelance for minor league baseball publications, baseball card companies and colleges.

Howard hrI began my career in Buffalo as a student, working for the newspaper and yearbook at Canisius College. Where, I might add, many writers have gone on to careers at major news services and papers. Canisius boasts the head of the Middle East bureau of Newsweek, beat writer at the Buffalo News and Sports columnist at USAToday Sports. So, in short there is no substitute for experience. I am not sure of your age, John, but get out and get some experience shooting Little Leagues, high school and other sporting events which interest you. As you do this you will make contacts and be able to move up the ladder. Good luck John, and when you are out at the ballpark, do not hesitate to grab ahold of me and ask me whatever you might want…that is of course unless I am “parading” around. I hate to be disturbed when I am “parading”.

Also yesterday, I shot half of the Yankees minor leaguers headshots. On Sunday I will finish up their headshots, which include all of the minor league players, coaches, managers and trainers. On Tuesday, I shoot the Phillies minor leaguers and all of our prospective new BlueClaw players and coaches.

Be sure to email in and ask whatever you might like of me while I am here in Florida. And I hope you all got your sidewalks and driveways cleared of snow…..

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