Dave Schofield from Spring Training

Spring Training LogoBlueClaws team photographer Dave Schofield checks in on his way down to Clearwater.

Hello again from the road. This is Dave Schofield, BlueClaws team photographer. I am making my way down to Florida for another spring training, and each mile I drive, the weather gets warmer and more baseball like. My first stop will be in Loganville, Georgia where I will get to spend a couple of days with my daughter and her husband. It is a bit our of the way, but the chance to visit with them on the way down was too good to pass up. 

Again this year I will be doing the posed headshots of all the Yankees and Phillies minor leaguers. I have added Reading to the list of Phils minor league teams I will be photographing. Again I will do headshots for the New Hampshire Fishercats of the Eastern League. During my time in Florida I will shoot three World Baseball Classic warmup games, I have Phillies v Canada, Phillies v. USA and Tigers v Puerto Rico. I am looking forward to the Tigers/PR game since it will bring Bernie Williams back into action. 

As for the major league games I will be shooting, they should be a lot of fun, since most of the stars will be with their respective WBC teams. This will give some prospects a chance to play with the big club in spring training games. The minor leaguers will not start playing games until March 21, since the season starts a bit later this year. 

Well I am looking forward to providing Blog readers with some interesting tid bits from spring training. I will submit my blog from time to time and also put some photos of former and future BlueClaws up as well. 

As I get warmer and warmer I will think of you in NJ getting colder…ha ha…more from spring training on Thursday!  




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  1. LeeAnn Voss Says:

    Hey Dave my Mom and Dad are at today’s game. Say hi to Joel Naughton for me! I miss my boys! Can’t wait for opening day. I hope to get down to Clearwater. Take Care and have fun! LeeAnn Voss

  2. John Spoulos Says:

    Hey Dave!! For many years , I have seen you parading around First Energy Park shooting of what is a very cool job!! I have given thought of hitting you on the head and taking your job!! I had an opportunity to shoot for the AC Surf. Any suggestions on how to become a team photorgarher?? I know there is no magic formula, but wondered if you may have any ideas since you are a veteran of the business. Thanks and all the best down there.. See you back here in April!!! John Spoulos

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