Game 61: Suns (21-38) at BlueClaws (31-29)

Welcome back to FirstEnergy Park for the first of the last. This is the first game of the last homestand the BlueClaws will host this regular season and it’s three with the Hagerstown Suns. Game notes hereaudio here

LWD: RHP Justin De Fratus (5-6, 3.23)
HAG: RHP Marcos Frias (8-4, 2.96)

Familiar Foes: The Lakewood BlueClaws ended their season with nine games in their last 20 against the Hagerstown Suns and Justin De Fratus will match up against Marcos Frias for the third straight turn in the rotation. This will be the rubber match between the two as Frias and De Fratus have split their first two meetings. Frias – 12ip, 1er – De Fratus: 13ip, 2 er

Sweeping Success: The BlueClaws last faced Hagerstown in Municipal Stadium in Hagerstown, MD and swept them in a three-game series. The BlueClaws have won five of their last six against the Suns and are 14-4 this season.

6:26: Bed broadcast! We are out on the Sleepy’s mattress enjoying a bed broadcast on the concourse. Unfortunately, updates will be limited.

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