Global Growth of Baseball

Received an email last week from Dr. Harvery Schiller, the President of the International Baseball Federation and wanted to share some of the email, which focuses on the growth of baseball on an international baseball at the time of the World Baseball Classic, with you.

“You will see the WBC on television in over 220 countries around the globe over the next few weeksw, and although these games will be played with some of the world’s top athletes, the real impact will eventually be felt at all levels, as the event will contribute over $15 million to develop the sport for men and women, boys and girls worldwide.”

“On the field, we continue to see examples of baseball as a social unifier. Just in the last few weeks, new developments included:

  • The Taiwanese government announcing it will promote baseball by providing more incentives to interested companies and public enterprises to invest in the sport and grow the exposure of baseball in Taiwan for all.
  • Thirteen young people awarded scholarships by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) based on their outstanding performance at the State Baseball Championship held at Amar Sing College.
  • The “Baseball in Ghana” announcement to bring a team to Los Angeles in June for a baseball clinic. There are now over 6,000 children in Ghana now playing baseball, both boys and girls.
  • The Atlanta Braves annoucing plans to open an Academy for Spanish prospects in Tenerife, Spain, to assist the growth of baseball in the region.
  • Cambodia’s National Baseball Team hosting a squad from neighboring Vietnam in a serise from March 10-14.
  • The Netherlands Baseball & Softball Federation being named the most successful sport federation in the country for the first time.

Good stuff. It’s a growing game, and it’s a global game. This is where the benefit kicks in for an international event like the WBC, and why the indifference of American fans doesn’t necessarily mean the event is irrelevant. There’s a huge audience outside the 50 states.

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