Minor League Memories: Part Three

Minor League Baseball, as you know, is quite unique. The experience at a game is not typically looked at along the lines of if the team won or lost, but rather along the lines of the game experience. The basic question we asked for this section was “If you could use one example to describe Minor League Baseball to a person who has never attended a game, what would it be?”

Let’s look at the answers.

Lakewood, like many other teams, is not short of interesting promotions that the fans enjoy on a yearly basis, but one thing that sets the BlueClaws apart are three giant eyeballs that race in between innings.

“You won’t see that anywhere else,” said Special Events Manager Steve Farago. “It’s the crazy things you see here that you just don’t associate with baseball, like three giant eyeballs or something like the pork roll, egg and cheese characters.” 

Irish Heritage NightWe asked Asst. GM Brandon Marano to describe Minor League Baseball to someone who has never seen a game.

“Irish Heritage Night,” he said. “We can paint the bases green, wear green jerseys and put a player on the scoreboard with a pipe, a shamrock and drums. We can shape a game however we want.” 

RPSDirector of Marketing Mike Ryan recalled a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament the BlueClaws held, fully equipped with a giant bracket. He added that “The game is great and can be really exciting, but you come here to be entertained.”

And what isn’t entertaining about a giant Rock-Paper Scissors contest that anyone can participate in? 

Finally, sometimes it’s the fans and players themselves that make the whole experience a memorable one. Director of Business Development Dan DeYoung recalled the time that professional wrestler Jerry “The King” Lawler came to FirstEnergy Park. He remembered one of the gameday workers excitement to see Lawler.

“From about 20 feet he yells at Jerry Lawler like it’s the most important thing in the world. ‘Hey Jerry’ he yelled and the 100 people in line all turned around a looked at him and Jerry didn’t know what was going on, but then the guy started doing the dance from wrestler Shawn Michaels in front of everyone, that was minor league baseball in a nut shell.”

Fortunately Dan also mimicked the dance for us for the proper visual. 

So those are some of the answers from our end. Let’s hear a few from your end. Part three on Monday.

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  1. Joe Says:

    Hey, love this blog series…

    My favorite MILB memory was the time I took my son with me to see the BlueClaws. We sat out in that grass area and the BlueClaws hit a home run. He ran after the ball and out of a small pile he came up with it, the smile on his face was priceless.

    -Joe, from Toms River

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