Pedro in Game Two

whosyourdaddyCharlie Manuel announced this morning on his radio show that Pedro Martinez will get the start in game two on Thursday night in Yankee Stadium, where he will be the subject of many “Who’s Your Daddy” chants, among others. Pedro, in 2003, called the Yankees his Daddy in 2003, and you can be sure they haven’t forgotten. (Boston Globe photo, 2004)

Anyway…Pedro in Game two potentially sets the series up in some of the following ways for the Phillies (analysis follows):

  • 1. Cliff Lee, Pedro, Cole Hamels, Lee, TBA, Hamels, Lee…in this scenario, Lee goes 1-4-7, Hamels pitches on three-days rest in game six, but Pedro probably can’t do three-days rest so you’re looking at JA Happ or Joe Blanton in game five.
  • 2. Cliff Lee, Pedro, Cole Hamels, TBA, Lee, Pedro, Hamels…in this scenario, a straight four-man rotation, where Lee would be available in game seven out of the pen, just in case. Happ or Blanton in game four.
  • 3. Cliff Lee, Pedro, Cole Hamels, Lee, TBA, Pedro, Lee…in this scenario, Pedro goes 2-6 and Hamels only gets one start. Possible if Pedro well in game two and Hamels struggles in game three.
  • 4. Cliff Lee, Pedro, Cole Hamels, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA…most likely. Anything can happen and it should be fun.

Here are some photos from Pedro’s August 2nd bullpen session in Lakewood.

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