Cliff Lee Roundup

As you may have heard, the Phillies have re-acquired some lefty. And some stories…

  • Darren Rovell, CNBC: What Did Cliff Lee Leave on the Table? Only three golfers have earned more than that in their career (Tiger Woods, Vijah Singh, Phil Mickelson)
  • Jayson Stark, Cliff Lee Pulls a Stunner. It was also one year ago that the Phillies first tried to trade Joe Blanton to carve out the payroll space to keep Lee around and determined that wasn’t possible — so they traded Lee instead.And now, here we are, 52 weeks down the trail, and guess how the Phillies are about to find the dollars to fit that very same Cliff Lee into their 2011 payroll? How else? By trading away that very same Joe Blanton. Of course.
  • Michael Rosenberg, He took the best deal, not the most money.
    He took the sure thing. He knows he loves Philadelphia. He loves the organization, the fans, the atmosphere. And the Phillies have the best chance of any team in baseball to win the World Series in the next three years, because they are as good as anybody and play in the weaker league.
  • Paul Hagen, Philadelphia Daily News: Who knew it could happen?
    No one knows for sure yet, but Amaro apparently hoarded some spare change on the off chance Lee decided to become one of the rare free agents in memory to accept well below what he could have gotten elsewhere simply to play with the team he preferred.

There are plenty of other stories out there but these four I thought were very good.

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