Countdown 2010: Top Ten Bobblehead Dolls

Welcome to our second edition of Countdown 2010, a collection of top ten lists as we lead into the 10th season in BlueClaws history.

Previously: top ten entertainers

Today: top ten bobblehead dolls. We’ve assembled our favorites in the picture that you see here, and will rank them below:


(year given away)

10. Donald Trump (2006)…as part of Kelly Perdew autograph signing. Perdew was a winner of The Apprentice
9. Mike Schmidt (2003)
8. Finkel (2004)…BlueClaws onfield emcee
7. Leiter Brothers (2005)…Mark and Al, Toms River, shared a bobblehead doll
6. Cole Hamels World Series MVP (2009)…Cole holds the World Series MVP trophy he won the year before, another former BlueClaw success story
5. Charlie Manuel World Series (2009)…How can you not love Charlie Manuel?
4. Gavin Floyd USA Jersey (2004)…a personal favorite
3. Mike Zagurski (2008)…the BlueClaw who had the fastest rise to the big leagues gets this honor, representing the Made the Phillies series
2. Dave Huppert SAL trophy (2007)…Dusty Wathan and the SAL Trophy given out this year (July 22nd)
1. Buster (2001)…the first bobblehead given away

How many of these do you have?

Update: This was sent to us on Twitter. How did Eudie Bruito not make this list? I have that one! Classic.

3 Responses to “Countdown 2010: Top Ten Bobblehead Dolls”

  1. Gary Nicklas Says:

    0, hmm anyway I can somehow get a buster bobble?

  2. Greg Says:

    Gary, can’t promise anything.

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