Meet Eric Petts

Before Thursday’s game four of the SAL Championship Series, we sat down with BlueClaws RHP Eric Pettis, who joined the team from Williamsport just before the start of the 2010 playoffs.

How did you find out you were coming to Lakewood: I had my flight booked and everything was ready to go, to come home and I get called to the front of the bus and Truby, the manager of Williamsport, calls me up to the front of the bus and tells me I’m going to Williamsport, so I had to change my mindset pretty quick.

What was your reaction? It was real weird because you’re excited to go home. It’s been a long year. At first you’re disappointed because you’re not going home but then you realize you get a chance to play for a ring.

Emotionally, I know you got knocked out right before: I twas a roller-coaster. You want to play for the playoffs in Williamsport and you’re so close, a big low, then a high because you think you are going home, then a low because you’re not, but a high because you get moved up.


He threw you right into the fire, pitching in game one: That’s the best way to get acclimated. Get yoru feet wet and get out there and play. I’m glad it worked out that way.

What did you learn this summer that made you be so successful? I think it’s just trying ot get better every day and enver losing focus on the goal. The goal is not to do well in A-Ball or Short-season. The goal is to make it to the big leagues. No matter the success, you still have to get better every day. Your end goal isn’t fulfilled until you make it there.

Draft? I was at home in an empty apartment, moving out the next day, sitting on the floor watching tv. I wasn’t watching, but I got a bunch of phone calls and found out that I was drafted.

Favorite pitcher to watch? Pedro Martinez. Nothing to do with California connections. But I just like the way he pitches, how he has 10 different pitches and can change speeds. It’s always something I’ve tried to emulate.

How long have you been tweeting? I just started about a month ago. I’m fairly new, trying to build up a following…It’s fun. It’s different, a different kind of social media, so you have to hop on board.

Why did you want to start doing it? I was advised by my agent to start doing it, create a little following, but it’s something for you to do when you’re bored and have nothing else to do.

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