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Some post-game quotes from around the locker room as we congratulate these BlueClaws on winning a South Atlantic League title:

Josh Zeid

  • When he found out he was staying in for the 9th inning: It was one of those things, I came off the field, we had a great vibe together and the coaches told me I had it (the 9th). I knew we had Carr and McGuire if I got into trouble, they were there to back me up.
  • For me, my biggest problem has been letting a big inning happen. Even though no one got on, I took deep breaths, I was calm. It worked out well.
  • On the last out: That ball felt like it was up there for five minutes. I know it’s not the World Series, but it’s the Championship of the Sally League. It’s a great honor.
  • Winning both halves and the SAL title: I think we turned the roster over once. We had 50-something guys but we kept the core together. Mark Parent kept the team together, he was a great motivator, and we kept the team together under him.

Jiwan James

  • On the last out: As soon as it went it up and I saw Castro screaming, I already knew what time it was. Castro was a different player in the playoffs. In the playoffs, there was something extra. I enjoyed that.
  • On his last three games, where he had six hits: I was just trying to stay aggressive really. I didn’t get one hit against Hickory but I didn’t get down on myself. I was just trying to stay aggressive.
  • What did you learn in your first full season as a hitter…A lot. I fell I got comfortable a lot. Going into next year I know what to do, what not to do, how to control my body. We’ll work harder and come back ready to go.

Brody Colvin

  • It feels great. We came out as a team and did what we set out to do and won it all. It’s a great feeling right now.
  • I’ve never dog-piled before, I knew it was coming. I jumped out of my underwear, it was great.
  • It was being more focused, knowing my job and my role with the team. I just started doing everything I needed to do.
  • I still have buddies that are in English class right now. It’s crazy to think what’s all happened this year. It’s been a great year.

Jarred Cosart

  • It was great to be here, maybe a little tough at first (watching). I feel like I could have contributed but they didn’t need me. It’s great to be a part of it and get a ring.
  • I’m looking forward to next year, maybe winning a Florida State League or Eastern League title.

Pitching coach Steve Schrenk

  • It was awesome for these guys. Josh pitched his butt off tonight, did a great job. It was nice to see the last out made and a nice way to end the year. All these pitchers did well. We led the Minor Leagues in ERA, it was great.
  • These guys, I knew every night we had a chance and they showed it. They never backed down and at points carried our team this year and that’s what pitching is supposed to do.
  • What do all these arms mean for the organization as a whole? It’s huge. The organization has done a great job. These guys are all 20-years old and did a great job.
  • You’re going to manage in Australia, what are you most looking forward to? Being able to manage and hopefully seeing some kangaroos.

Jeremy Barnes

  • How big was the game three win last night leading into today? It was huge, going up tonight and knowing they had to beat us twice is huge. Going up 2-1 was really big, so last night was a big game for us. Having to take a double-header is tough in the regular season much less the playoffs.
  • What does it mean to win both halves and then finish it off? It shows our consistency. We had a really good team from day one, and baseball is all about consistency. Taking care of things in the playoffs after doing it in the regular season, it’s not like we just got hot in the playoffs, we did it all year. It’s good to be a part of history.

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