Trivia Contest (UPDATE: WINNER)

mccoyingramblueclawsWe’re going to start having weekly trivia contests here on BlueClaws Blog and in the process give away some Opening Day tickets and other prizes…Without further adieu, and with the BCS Championship football game coming up on Thursday night…

Who is the only 2009 BlueClaw who played at one of the schools represented in Thursday’s BCS Championship Game between Alabama and Texas? Name the player and the school.

Answer in the comments section please. First correct answer will win four Opening Day tickets (April 16th). The answer is somewhere on

UPDATE: A bunch of correct answers, but John was the first to answer Austin Hyatta, Alabama. He wins the tickets. We’ll have another one of these next week.

14 Responses to “Trivia Contest (UPDATE: WINNER)”

  1. John Says:

    Austin Hyatt- Alabama

  2. Thomas Ryan Says:

    Austin Hyatt

  3. Donna Scott Says:

    Austin Hyatt and he went to Alabama

  4. Jeff Vervlied Says:

    Austin Hyatt

  5. Jeff Vervlied Says:

    Austin Hyatt


  6. Donna Scott Says:

    Austin Hyatt, he went to Alabama

  7. Bob Franzese Says:

    Austin Hyatt, University of Alabama

  8. Jeff Vervlied Says:

    Austin Hyatt of Alabama

  9. Donna Scott Says:

    Austin Hyatt, he went to Alabams

  10. Bob Hahn Says:

    Austin Hyatt, Alabama

  11. John Louhier Says:

    Austin Hyatt

  12. Jeff Vervlied Says:

    Alabama’s Austin Hyatt

  13. Dennis Quinlan Says:

    Austin HYatt- Alabama

  14. Greg Says:

    Well done folks…But John was first. So he wins the tickets.

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