Trivia Contest (UPDATED: Winner)

Back with another trivia contest…Again, weekly feature with various prizes including Opening Day tickets, merchandise, and other goodies. Today, however, like last week, the winner will get four tickets to Opening Day.

Answer in the comments section please…

He was on the first bobblehead doll the BlueClaws ever gave away.

The answer appears somewhere on (hint…look on the left side of your screen).

UPDATE: We have a winner, the answer was Buster. First to answer won the tickets. Sorry forgot to update the main post. We had it in the comments section. Another one next week.

36 Responses to “Trivia Contest (UPDATED: Winner)”

  1. Tyler Smeyers Says:

    cole hamels

  2. Tyler Smeyers Says:


  3. Joe Smeyers Says:


  4. Terri Milko Says:

    I believe it was Gavin Floyd.

  5. John Louhier Says:


  6. Jennifer Plumstead Says:

    Cole Hamels?

  7. Dave Bernarducci Says:

    trivia contest answer: buster

  8. Mark Zrebiec Says:

    Gavin Floyd was the first bobblehead given out

  9. Denise Neri Says:


  10. Denise Neri Says:


  11. Jolene Mansfield Says:


  12. John Kennis Says:


  13. Greg Says:

    Tyler, I can only let you answer once, but Joe is correct. Buster was the first bobblehead given away, back in 2001.

    Here is the full list, which was under Promotions on the left, then promotions history.

    Joe, check your email.

  14. J Fisher Says:

    Jerry Pfisher

  15. terry Says:

    cole hamels

  16. Bob Turkenkopf Says:

    The best mascot in organized baseball!

  17. Bill Cohen Says:


  18. GREG CODERRE Says:


  19. John Grcic Says:


  20. Aundrea Munt Says:

    The answer is: Sal Champs

  21. bob ciok Says:

    Gavin Floyd

  22. bob ciok Says:

    first bobblehead was Gavin floyd

  23. Thomas Ryan Says:


  24. Lisa Says:


  25. Aundrea Munt Says:


  26. steve bodo Says:

    michael bourne

  27. mark grossman Says:

    cole hamels

  28. Bill Bechtel Says:

    Dave Huppert

  29. Laura Says:


  30. Barbara Says:

    Cole Hamels

  31. kyle moylan Says:

    I was gthere. It was buster

  32. Geryl Hickey Says:


  33. Greg Says:

    Guys, it was Buster. We had the winner already but thanks for playing. We’ll have another one next week.

  34. Vin Says:

    could we play at the games maybe while people are eating and getting restless before the show starts

  35. Greg Says:

    Vin, we might be able to do something along those lines. We’ll take a look.

  36. Walter Grenci Says:


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