Wednesday Field Update


There’s still a lot of sand that needs to be spread around the whole field. Here’s an update of the rest of the process.

You can see in the picture above, a new layer of sand has been spread across the entire outfield and infield, but not in foul territory outside the infield (the darker sand).

new-field-1124-2They are filling that in now as I type this (1:38 pm on Wednesday).

Once that is done, they will till the entire field, mixing the new sand in with the old sand to eliminate any “layers” and ensure proper drainage.

From there, they’ll laser grade the entire thing (click here for more on this), put down some fertilizer, and then on probably Monday, begin bringing in the new sod, about 90,000 square feet worth.

It will be green in no time.

Check our Facebook page photos section for updated galleries.

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