Back to Work

radcliffe-sodLast year, BlueClaws groundskeeper Ryan Radcliffe oversaw the installation of a completely new playing surface at FirstEnergy Park, with about 95,000 square feet of new sod laid down in November and December.

But every year, he goes back to work laying down additional sod in various areas of the field.

“We were re-sodding the worn-out areas from the season,” he said yesterday. “These are really where the second baseman and shortstop stand, where the grass and dirt meet, where the first baseman and third baseman stand when they play in, and in front of the mound. The areas in front of the mound we re-sod during the season as well.”

All told, it was about 250 square feet of sod laid down yesterday, before is started pouring. That works out to only .27% of the entire field, but of course those are areas that take a beating on a daily basis.

If you want to read about the entire installation process from last year, click here for the FirstEnergy Park category, and scroll down to the bottom of this page and the page prior.

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