ClawCast: Happy Anniversary

Eleven years ago today – March 13, 2001, the BlueClaws front office staff members moved into FirstEnergy Park for the first time after working on Airport Road for the previous few months.

Move-in day was quite hectic, according to BlueClaws Asst GM Brandon Marano, who is still here in his role 12 years later.

“It was about a three or four day process because we had to keep our business operations going at our location in the industrial park…We were all hands on deck, loading the truck, unpacking the truck…It was basically moving our entire office over.”

The picture you see on the right was taken four months prior to move-in day, on November 10th, of 2000. Obviously shortly after that photo a lot of grass was laid down and the path was paved leading up to the gate as it is today.

How close did they cut it, before the first game? Marano’s first fan complaint:

“A woman walked up to the gates 15 minutes before we opened to look inside and had nothing but green paint on her jacket because it was still wet.”

Listen to the podcast below or click here to download the file to your computer (right click, save link as, you can bring it into your iTunes to listen to later if you want).

Note: later, we’re coming back with a little 5-million announcement, which was part of the reasoning for taping this podcast.

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