Minor League Games Start Today

As the descriptive headline clearly indicates, minor league spring training games start today. Today, the Lehigh Valley and Reading clubs will play at the Carpenter Complex in Clearwater, while the Clearwater and Lakewood clubs will make the 6.1 mile drive to Dunedin to play the Blue Jays squad.

We plan on having coverage of these games right here.

As Larry Shenk notes in Phillies Insider, there will be two games each day at the Carpenter Complex, either the AAA/AA combo or the A/A+ combo.

It appears this is the only game until Friday. This is the schedule that Lehigh Valley has for their games. For the most part, if Lehigh Valley is at Dunedin, then Lakewood will be at home to face the Blue Jays Low-A club. Obviously most of the games will be played against teams from the Blue Jays, Yankees, Tigers, and Pirates.

Jiwan James, a 2010 BlueClaw, is excited to get the games going.

Jiwan James ‏ @Jiwan23

Showing up to the field, under the lights!!! #GoodStuff! pic.twitter.com/MoHJSPOD

(Insert name of famous photographer here) he is not, but obviously these guys have been itching to face some real opponents, not future teammates, and that is certainly a good thing.

Good article here on 2010 BlueClaws manager (managed Jiwan James when he was here) Mark Parent, now the bench coach with the White Sox.

That bond — a friendship developed over the years at a number of charity golf tournaments — put Parent at the top of Ventura’s list of needs when the White Sox came calling last winter after Ozzie Guillen resigned.

“Robin called and asked me if I thought he should take the White Sox job. I said ‘Yeah.'” Then he says ‘I’m not taking it unless you come with me.’ I thought he was having fun with me. He said he was dead serious.”

We’ll have a new podcast later today and some cool stuff related to the upcoming 5-millionth fan milestone.

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