BlueClaws Promos and Presidential Birthdays

Today is President’s Day, situated between Lincoln’s birthday on February 12th and Washington’s on February 22nd. We thought it would be interesting to see what Presidents have birthdays on days the BlueClaws are home this year, and the corresponding promotions (admittedly, you might not think of this as interesting).

The BlueClaws have road games on all presidential birthdays in April: Thomas Jefferson (born April 13th), James Buchanan (23rd), Usysses S Grant (27th), and James Monroe (28th).

Harry Truman’s birthday (8th) is a BlueClaws off day, while they are home on John F Kennedy’s Birthday (29th). That is one of two Education Day games this year with an 11:05 am first pitch.

George H W Bush was born on June 12th, the day the BlueClaws welcome in Cecil Fielder for an autograph signing.

Calvin Coolidge is the only President to be born on the 4th of July, when the BlueClaws are in Greensboro. They’re on the road for George W Bush’s birthday (6th). July 11th is John Quincy Adams’ birthday, and the BlueClaws will welcome Dennis Haskins (Mr Belding) of Saved by the Bell fame. The BlueClaws are also home on July 14th (Kids Eat Free), a Sunday and Gerald Ford’s birthday.

Of the five presidents born in August, the BlueClaws are home for two of their birthdays this year: Herbert Hoover on August 10th (post-game fireworks) and Benjamin Harrison on August 20th (Senior Day Tuesday). They are not home for the birthdays of Barack Obama (4th), Bill Clinton (19th), and Lyndon Johnson (27th).

Should the BlueClaws reach the SAL Championship Series, and should that series go the full five games, game five would take place on September 14th, the day before the lone presidential September birthday – William Howard Taft.

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