Prizes If You Build-a-Bushel? Yep.

Last week, we posted the annual BlueClaws Staff Build-a-Bushel post, where BlueClaws staff members posted their Bushel packages of choice – mainly, if they were going to get a Bushel package for themselves, which seven games would they pick?

Click here to view a copy of the BlueClaws 2013 promotional schedule (pdf file).

We’ve decided to take this annual exercise a step further, offering a series of prizes for anyone that orders one of these Bushel packages – off the rack. You’ll have to order the package exactly as it appears, meaning, select these exact seven games.

If you do that, order ‘The Greg Giombarrese Bushel,’ for example, you’ll receive the following:

  • A Ceremonial Pre-Game Pitch
  • A $25 Restaurant Gift Card (subject to availability)
  • A Photo on the Field (with the staff member in question)

To order in this regard, you must call Pat Girard at 732-901-7000 ext 196.

We’ve re-printed the list of Build-a-Bushels below the fold for you to read, and added one that was submitted by BlueClaws fan and loyal blog reader, the ToddFather.


If you buy one of these Bushel packages – off the rack – then you’ll get some great prizes.

Greg Giombarrese (Sr Manager of Media / Public Relations)

  • April 4th – Opening Day – Kicking off your personal season on any day besides Opening Day is offensive to the baseball gods.
  • May 5th – Nothing quite like a Sunday afternoon at the ballpark and you’ll get a BlueClaws All-Star Deck of Cards to boot.
  • May 28th – One of the coolest moments before any game last year was Mike Nesseth beating three pros in a closest-to-the-pin contest on Golf Night.
  • June 1st – We’ll have fireworks for the first time on Saturdays this year, this being the first one.
  • June 27th – Have to love the Phillie Phanatic and this fills in a gap on the schedule.
  • July 27th – Springsteen Night is always a great night for any fan of The Boss.
  • August 20th – Glad to see Jake Diekman’s meteoric rise through the system rewarded with a “Bobble Side-Arm” giveaway.

Brandon Marano (General Manager)

  • April 4th, Opening Night – You have to come to Opening Night!
  • May 1st, Kentucky Derby Preview Night & Haskell Prize Package Giveaway – Interns dressed as horses simulating the race is a must-see
  • June 2nd, Performance by the Russian Bar Trio / Kids Expo call me crazy, but Russian Bar Trio just sounds like something I should see
  • June 30th, Post-Game Father & Child Catch on the Field – Little Brandon will love it
  • July 3rd, Fireworks – If I can’t watch them here on the 4th, I’m definitely not missing them on the 3rd
  • July 11th, Meet & Greet with Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell – One of the greatest actors of our generation
  • July 28th, WWE Legend Jerry “The King” Lawler autograph signing – I mean it’s Jerry the King Lawler … enough said

Hal Hansen (Director of Promotions)

  • April 6th – The TD Bank giveaway is always a great one and the scarves this season is no different.  Might even need them that day!
  • May 5th – Nothing beats daytime baseball, especially when you get a Deck of Cards of former BlueClaws All-Stars.
  • May 30th – A Thirsty Thursday and the chance to win tickets to one of 15-20 local concerts makes for an excellent night out.
  • June 12th – Gotta come out to meet former SAL All-Star “Big Daddy” Cecil Fielder and get his autograph.
  • July 11th – Mr. Belding is an iconic television character and it will be a fun night with Dennis Haskins in the house.
  • July 27th – The Bruce Springsteen Appreciation Night is a can’t miss game every year.
  • August 20th – Bobbleheads are fun, but Bobble-Side Arms are even more fun with Jake Diekman’s recognition of “making the Phillies”.

Lisa Carone (Director of Retail Operations)

  • April 4th – Cannot miss Opening Night! And really excited to raise money for Restore the Shore with the ClawSome jerseys provided by ERGO!
  • May 4th – Nothing better than bringing your dog to the ballpark! I get to bring my French Bulldog Weasel & Rescue pup June! And my brother brings his Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Dug!
  • June 12th – Cecil Fielder! Enough said!
  • July 11th – Mr. Belding! One of the greatest actors of the 90′s.
  • July 27th – Bruce Springsteen Appreciation Night. Great night at the ballpark filled with great, Jersey Shore music!
  • August 9th – Have to catch a fireworks game! We put on a great show!
  • September 2nd – Never a beach day, and this is always a great time for kids and parents to get their last fill of summer before the Fall comes!

Steve Farago (Director of Events and Operations)

  • April 4th – Opening Day – everyone needs to be at opening day, it’s a ritual.
  • May 2nd – Rally Towels – I need a rally towel to cheer on the BlueClaws at every home game this season.
  • May 5th – BlueClaws All Stars Deck of Cards – with the All Star Game in town this year it’d be great to have cards of all past Clawstars
  • June 2nd – Russian Bar Trio – ummm, let’s see…it’s the freakin RUSSIAN BAR TRIO!!!!
  • July 3rd – get your 4th of July fire work show a day early and see a baseball game!
  • July 11th – Mr. Belding Meet n Greet – was a must watch TV Show during my childhood, would love to meet Dick!
  • August 22nd – Buster Soap Dispensers – now BlueClaws Baseball will be synonymous with washing your hands, sweet!

Jim McNamara (Director of Group Sales)

  • April 4th – Opening Night – Have to be here opening night, and looking forward to the Restore the Shore jersey auction.
  • May 1st – Kentucky Derby preview – always fun to see the staff “act” out the derby around the warning track.
  • June 1st – First Saturday night Fireworks show – same show, different day.  Giving the Saturday night crowd something new.
  • June 2nd – Russian Bar Trio performance – I’ve heard nothing but good things about this NEW entertainer. Looking forward to seeing them perform.
  • June 12th – Cecil Fielder signing – an un-sung hero of the 1996 Yankees.  One of my favorite teams growing up
  • July 11th – Mr. Belding signing – instead of throwing out my Saved by The Bell board game, I’m going to turn it into a collector’s item.
  • September 2nd – Fan Appreciation Day – nothing like day baseball to end the regular season & thank our great fans.

John Fierko (Director of Regional Sales)

  • April 4th, Nothing like opening night in baseball!
  • May 4th, Bark in the Park, Love Dogs, even better when they’re all hanging out at the ballpark.
  • June 1st, First Saturday Fireworks, always like trying something new.
  • June 27th, Phillie Phanatic- Smiles all night
  • July 11th, Meet and Greet with Mr. Belding, what a great story to tell your friends!
  • July 25th, Zooperstars – Great entertainment act for 2 hours.
  • July 27th, Bruce Springsteen Night- Nothing like old school rock!

Libby Rowe (Box Office Manager)

  • April 4th, Opening Day!!!
  • May 4th, So many cute dogs!!!
  • May 19th, Yo Gabba Gabba.  It’s for my niece, I swear.
  • June 27th, Phillie Phanatic.  Enough said.
  • July 11th, Mr. Belding.  Every kid who grew up in the 90s knows why.
  • July 14th, Ryan Howard Bobblehead.- Gotta get a bobblehead of the “Big Piece”!
  • August 10th, Fireworks- First Saturday fireworks!

Kevin Fenstermacher (Director of Business Development)

  • April 4th – Opening Day- A national holiday for any baseball fan!
  • May 4th – Bark in the Park- Get to bring my Weimaraner, Bradley, out to the park to meet a bunch of new friends
  • June 27th – Phillie Phanatic- Thirsty Thursday and the Phanatic has always been my favorite mascot in sports, even before we got to ride around Citizens Bank Park displaying our SAL Trophy a few years back.
  • June 2nd – Russian Bar Trio- It’s always exciting to get a brand new performer out at the ballpark!
  • June 12th – Cecil Fielder Autograph Signing- Cecil Fielder and the area’s best wings for Wing Fling. Sounds like a match made in heaven.
  • July 3rd – Fireworks- We always have one great Fireworks Spectacular around Independance Day!
  • September 2nd – Fan Appreciation Day- Lots of deals and fun as we hopefully are getting ready for another playoff run!.

Zack Rosenberg (Director of Sponsorship)

  • April 4th – Opening Night: The Restore jerseys are going to be historic and if I could bid, I would.
  • May 4th – Bark in the Park: To continue my streak of playing with dogs without having to clean up after them.
  • June 1st – First Saturday Fireworks in June: We’ll kick off the summer with a new tradition and a great show.
  • June 12th – Cecil Fielder Appearance: Time to celebrate the SAL ClawStar Spectacular!
  • June 27th – Phillie Phanatic Appearance: Still my favorite and funniest guy in baseball.
  • July 11th – Mr. Belding Appearance: Because every Zack should have a picture with Mr. Belding.
  • September 2nd – Fan Appreciation Day/Photo on the Field: Baseball in the afternoon, BBQ at night.  Great way to close out summer.

ToddFather (loyal BlueClaws fan and BlueClaws Blog reader) – Todd only gave us six, so you can order the ToddFather Bushel + whichever game you want and we’ll count it.

  • April 4th – Opening Day- it’s a Thirsty Thursday and it’s a Restore the Shore fund-raiser. Be sure to grab a Clawsome jersey to benefit Sandy victims. Opening Day is also a great chance to sample the new ballpark eats as well as the new inventory in the Claw Cove store.
  • May 26th– Golf Night… I think Doug Cusick (Texas Rangers) should change his wedding date because he’d be a ringer here. A pregame closest to the pin contest on the field against pro golfers.
  • July 25th– Zooperstars… They are still the class of the traveling acts. My favorite Zooperstars are Cow Ripken Jr., Harry Canary, Clammy Sosa, and Ken Giraffey Jr.
  • July 27th– BruceClaws Night… I still have never been to a BruceClaws Night but it will always be my favorite BlueClaws promotion. I actually probably won’t be going this year either, as it conflicts with the XPN Festival, but I am including it in my six-pack anyway
  • August 20th– Jake Diekman Bobble Side-Arm Night… this is going to be hilarious. Bobbleheads are great, but they aren’t unique anymore. A bobble side-arm? That’s awesome.
  • August 22nd– Buster Soap Dispensers… as a former Buster, I am thrilled to have my likeness given away as a soap dispenser. I will absolutely be attending this game. It is also a Thirsty Thursday.


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