Subscribe To, Or Write For This Blog

One of the things we’ve been working on here for a little bit was the subscription services (I prefer Google Reader). That appears to be working now. Those that do subscribe to this blog might well be reading this post from the confines of Google Reader or another service.

Those that do not subscribe are welcome to. Go to your preferred service (again, I prefer Google Reader) and enter in the appropriate box. Our posts will feed directly into your reader whenever they are made.

Guest Bloggers: We are looking, as part of the countdown to Opening Day, for people to write guest posts here for us. That might be a post about your favorite part about the BlueClaws, what giveaways or promotions you are most looking forward to, your recollections of the 2002 SAL All-Star Game with the 2013 SAL ASG coming back, or anything else.

If you are interested, please email ggiombarrese at (use the @ sign obviously).


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