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Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Not THAT Frankenstein. This one. Edgar Winter Band at Springstock on May 7th, as they join 38 Special. Story. Tickets.

Note that the song is performed with a synthesizer. Here is what the Dallas Morning News said about Winter two years ago (H/T

The Beaumont native strapped keyboards around his neck and let his synthesizer wail. Then the drums pounded. Pretty soon the guitar was screaming and the bass was thumping. Before it ended, Mr. Winter had done a drum duel and played his trusty saxophone midway through the tune.

At 61, Edgar Winter, still sporting his long white hair and beard on his albino skin, remains a marvel to watch.

The cosmic sound effects, a signature aspect of the influential instrumental rock staple, led us back to the stomping groove characterizing the enduring 1973 hit.

How can you miss this?

Just Found This

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

It’s a BlueClaws jersey signed by Def Leppard. They played here in 2005.


Top left: Rick Savage
Mid left: Vivian Campbell
Bot left: Rick Allen
Top right: Joe Elliot
Bot right: Phil Collen

Kansas Headlines Wingstock: October 16th

Monday, August 16th, 2010

A little news for you on this Monday morning. Kansas will headline the 5th Wingstock Festival at FirstEnergy Park on Saturday, October 16th.

All the details can be found here, but we’ll have the usual stuff of the classic car show, bike show, wing cook-off and much more.

Gates at 4 pm, tickets now on sale. Enjoy the music!

Getting Set for Wingstock

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

The stage is basically set, as you can see here. There is another stage in the front of the ballpark for bands that will play until the gates open at 3 pm.


Wingstock Schedule

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

The order of events for Saturday’s 4th Wingstock Festival at FirstEnergy Park…

1-3 pm: Freeloaders Tailgate Party featuring Jupiter Jones (outside the park)
1-5 pm: Harley Hog Pit Bike and Classic Car Show voting in parking lot
3 pm: Doors Open
3-6 pm: Wings!
3:15: Live bands begin on main stages of the field
6 pm: King of the Wing, Classic Car and Harley Hog Pit Bike Show winners announced
6:15: Beatles tribute from Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens
7:15: Blue Oyster Cult
8:45: Foreigner

See you Saturday.

Seven Days, Two Concerts

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

fieldtoaldeanEver wonder how FirstEnergy Park gets transformed into and out of one concert and then into and out of another, all in a seven day period?

We wanted to take you inside the ropes, behind the scenes (and any other metaphor you might deem appropriate), and we did that with this podcast (click here to listen).

So we sat down with the three people who make it all happen: head groundskeeper Ryan Radcliffe and special events managers Steve Farago and Lisa Carone.

  • What’s the hardest part about setting up and taking everything down?
  • Just how much floor gets used?
  • What has to be done to the field?
  • The weather?

It’s all in here. Enjoy.

Wingstock: The Blog Post

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Contained in here is absolutely everything you need to know about the 4th Wingstock Festival on Saturday. First, listen to an audio preview here, thanks to 105.7 The Hawk.

The Bands: Foreigner and Blue Oyster Cult (see below)
When: Saturday, gates at 3 pm
Where: FirstEnergy Park, Lakewood (on the field)
When: Saturday
Why: Why not?
How: Tickets here, in person at the BlueClaws Box Office, or at 732-901-7000

Also includes:

  • Free chicken wings from local vendors, one of whom gets crowned King of the Wing
  • Classic Car Show
  • Hog Pit Bike Show

Now, just sit back and listen to the music:


Tuesday, September 29th, 2009



Here are a bunch more. Enjoy.

One Down, One to Go

Monday, September 28th, 2009



The first THUNDERFEST is in the books, and as they take the stage away and port-a-floor away, here’s a great picture that sums up the night (of Jason Aldean).

The plan is to sit down with a few of the people who make this happen (not Aldean, sorry).

We’ll talk with those in charge of setting up the stage and the floor, then taking it down, and then setting it back up again for Wingstock, which is on Saturday. We’ll post that all here for you in the coming days.


Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Here you go…

1:45: Bullzeye
2:45: Julia Burton
4:00: Due West
5:15: Brady Seals (formerly of Little Texas)
6:30: Williams Riley
8:00: Jason Aldean



Monday, September 21st, 2009

One chance to see THUNDERFEST from a luxury suite. We’ve put a special suite for Sunday’s up on eBay (bid here). THUNDERFEST features Jason Aldean, Julia Burton, Ty Williams, Williams Riley, Brady Seals (formerly of Little Texas, and blog favorite), and more, and is an all-day country music festival this Sunday at FirstEnergy Park.

Your suite would include the following:

  • $200 food credit
  • Tickets for you and 19 friends
  • A private room
  • Climate control
  • Cable television
  • Indoor and outdoor seating

Good luck!

Mentioned the other day that blog friend and BlueClaws Special Events Manager Lisa Carone will be hosting this week with Captain Jack on Thunder 98.5. Tuesday, 3 pm. Listen at 98.5 on the FM dial or at

Jason Aldean and THUNDERFEST a Week Away

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Jason Aldean headlines, but Julia Burton, Ty Williams, Due West, Brady Seals (formerly of Little Texas) and more play. THUNDERFEST, an all-day country music festival is a week away, looking forward to it. Details in full here. Enjoy Jason Aldean.

PS. BlueClaws Special Events Manager and blog friend Lisa Carone co-hosts one day this week with Captain Jack on Thunder 98.5. Not sure what day yet, we’ll let you know.

THUNDERFEST in 11 Days, Some New Audio

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

The first THUNDERFEST, our all-day country music festival in conjunction with Thunder 98.5, is coming to FirstEnergy Park…Jason Aldean, Julia Burton, Due West, Ty Williams, Brady Seals (formerly of Little Texas), and much more.

Our good friends at Thunder 98.5 have sent over a little audio preview (click here).

Tickets: $35 on the field, $30 GA, plus picnic and party deck tickets are available too…call 732-901-7000, opt 2, for ticket information. Now, enjoy the music (today’s selection, Jason Aldean on Jimmy Kimmel)…


Monday, September 7th, 2009

Inside of three weeks to go until THUNDERFEST, an all-day country music festival at FirstEnergy Park featuring: Jason Aldean, Julia Burton, Brady Seals (formerly of Little Texas), Due West, Ty Williams, and more…

Tickets: $30 in the seats, $35 on the field, plus others up in the picnic areas and the catered party decks.

Time: Jason Aldean hits the stage at 8 pm, and the gates will open at 3 pm.

Enjoy the music…