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Countdown 2010: BlueClaws Moments in the Bigs

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Welcome back to Countdown 2010, a weekly look at some of the greatest parts of BlueClaws history through the lens of a top ten list. This week, we look at some of the best moments by former BlueClaws in the big leagues. (Click here for list of former ‘Claws that made the majors)

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Without further adieu…

10. A BlueClaw Makes the World Series…But it wasn’t Ryan Howard or Cole Hamels. It was Ezequiel Astacio. The right-handed pitcher was here in 2002 (with Howard and Gavin Floyd), and was sent to Houston in the Billy Wagner trade and pitched for Houston in the 2005 World Series. He gave up the game-winning home run to Geoff Blum in game three.

9. Zagurski’s Debut…While relatively uneventful in the big picture, Mike Zagurski reaching the big leagues as fast as he did goes into the list. Remember, he was a BlueClaws pitcher (in Lo-A) when the 2006 season ended. Then on May 25th, 2007 (basically two months of baseball later), he’s in the big leagues. I would guess that we will never see a player go from Lakewood to Philadelphia faster than Mike did.


Countdown 2010: Events/Concerts

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Welcome back to Countdown 2010, our weekly series getting you ready for the 10th season of BlueClaws Baseball. This week…our top ten events/concerts that we’ve hosted here at FirstEnergy Park.

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Here goes…

10. Bob Dylan Show…2005, Dylan played the first concert ever at FirstEnergy Park with Willie Nelson. They came back in 2009 with John Mellencamp.



Countdown 2010: Top Ten Celebrity Visitors

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Welcome to our second edition ofCountdown 2010, a collection of top ten lists as we lead into the 10th season in BlueClaws history.

Previously: entertainers, bobblehead dolls

Today: top ten celebrity visitors over our first nine years. These include formal attendees (autograph signings primarily) or those that came on the field for something, rehabs not included.

10. Tony Meola:  I always enjoyed Tony Meola. He was at FirstEnergy Park in 2008 for Soccer Night and hit a few home runs for charity. Below is a promotional video he filmed in regards to that appearance.


Countdown 2010: Top Ten Bobblehead Dolls

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Welcome to our second edition of Countdown 2010, a collection of top ten lists as we lead into the 10th season in BlueClaws history.

Previously: top ten entertainers

Today: top ten bobblehead dolls. We’ve assembled our favorites in the picture that you see here, and will rank them below:


(year given away)

10. Donald Trump (2006)…as part of Kelly Perdew autograph signing. Perdew was a winner of The Apprentice
9. Mike Schmidt (2003)
8. Finkel (2004)…BlueClaws onfield emcee
7. Leiter Brothers (2005)…Mark and Al, Toms River, shared a bobblehead doll
6. Cole Hamels World Series MVP (2009)…Cole holds the World Series MVP trophy he won the year before, another former BlueClaw success story
5. Charlie Manuel World Series (2009)…How can you not love Charlie Manuel?
4. Gavin Floyd USA Jersey (2004)…a personal favorite
3. Mike Zagurski (2008)…the BlueClaw who had the fastest rise to the big leagues gets this honor, representing the Made the Phillies series
2. Dave Huppert SAL trophy (2007)…Dusty Wathan and the SAL Trophy given out this year (July 22nd)
1. Buster (2001)…the first bobblehead given away

How many of these do you have?

Update: This was sent to us on Twitter. How did Eudie Bruito not make this list? I have that one! Classic.

Countdown 2010: Top Ten Entertainers

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

countdown2010Welcome to our first edition of Countdown 2010, a c

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ollection of top ten lists as we lead into the 10th season in BlueClaws history.

We start with entertainers. These great folks have joined us throughout our first nine years and put on some great shows like those that you’ll see below in these YouTube videos. We hope you enjoy (note: these lists were voted on by us and you).

And then don’t forget to check back next week for our next top ten list. We’ll have one per week leading into Opening Day 2010.

Without further adieu:

10. Reggy


Countdown 2010: More Categories

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

tenthseason23In continuing our 2010 Countdown list, we have some more set-in-stone details for you…Essentially we will begin unveiling the lists on January 27th in our weekly email newsletter (sign up in box on top left below crab). One list per week leading into the finale on April 7th, and then of course Opening Day is April 8th (in Asheville).

So keep submitting nominees, and we’ll have these lists ready to roll in a few weeks. The categories are as follows (in no particular order by the way)…

  • Giveaway items
  • Entertainers
  • Moments
  • Pictures (you can email them in to
  • Celebrity guests
  • Food items
  • Events/concerts
  • Home runs
  • MLB moments for former BlueClaws
  • Field cut photos (we have some really nice ones)

Thanks again. To vote, leave your answers in the comments section below. To see some of the previous weeks entries, click here (and then scroll down).

Countdown 2010: Week Three

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

tenthseason22Welcome back to Countdown 2010, where we ask your help in building a series of top ten lists in advance of 2010, the 10th season in BlueClaws history. We’ll unveil these each week beginning in January and we’d love your help (you can answer using the comments section).

Week One: favorite moments, giveaway items, celebrity appearances (vote here)

Week Two: favorite food items, mascots/entertainers, former players (vote here)

Now, onto week three…

  • Moments by former BlueClaws in big leagues: Such as Cole Hamels winning World Series MVP last year, Gavin Floyd’s near no-hitter, etc…
  • Reasons why you come to a BlueClaws game: self explanatory


Countdown 2010: Part Two

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

tenthseason21Welcome back to Countdown 2010, where we ask your help in building a series of top ten lists in advance of 2010, the 10th season in BlueClaws history. We’ll unveil these each week beginning in January and we’d love your help (you can answer using the comments section).

Last week in Countdown 2010: Part One, we asked for your help in selecting some of the top giveaway items, moments, and celebrity appearances in BlueClaws history (click here). This week, we’re moving on to some new items…

  • Favorite food items: Anything from the BellyBuster sandwich (pulled pork, beef brisket, cole slaw, onion rings), a straight hot dog, cheeseburger, chicken tenders, something from the Upstairs Club menu, or anything else you have in mind.
  • Mascots/entertainers: These include the Phillie Phanatic, Famous Chicken, ZOOperstars, BirdZerk, Myron Noodleman, Reggy, and others.
  • Former players: Self explanatory

Thanks for playing. We’ll have another one of these up next week.

Countdown 2010: The First Three

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

tenthseason2We alluded in a previous post about our Countdown 2010. We’ll be unveiling top ten lists beginning in January of some BlueClaws related item or items. Today, we’ll start collecting.

Below are the three categories that we want to start with today. We’ve posted some suggestions or examples, but please put anything you want in a category for consideration. Answer in the comments section below. Thanks!

  • Giveaway items: Anything from a Buster bobblehead doll, to a Ryan Howard statue, lightswitch cover, luggage tag, cereal bowl, replica championship pennant, or beach towel.
  • Moments: How about either of the two BlueClaws championships, Ryan Howard’s rehab appearance in 2007, the 4-millionth fan/Brett Myers daily double, having the World Series trophy on Opening Day 2009, a crowd of 13,003 in August of 2002.
  • Celebrity appearances: We’ve hosted wrestlers like Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Seargent Slaughter, and Jerry the King Lawler, Hall of Famers like Steve Carlton, Jim Rice, and Bob Feller, to American Idol stars like Antonella Barba. Click here for a full list.

Thanks for playing, and again, you are not limited to those listed above. Those were just suggestions. Answer in the comments section. We’ll have more next week.

Countdown 2010

Monday, November 30th, 2009

This, as you can see with this picture, will be the 10th season in BlueClaws history, and we’re going to do some special things to celebrate. One of those things is a weekly countdown Top Tens in BlueClaws History leading up to April and the 2010 baseball season.

Categories include the following:

  • Giveaways
  • Pictures
  • Food Items
  • Entertainers
  • MLB Moments for Former ‘Claws
  • Events/Concerts
  • Moments
  • Playoff Moments
  • Field Cut Photos
  • Awards
  • Celebrities in Attendance
  • Home Runs

We’re going to solicit your help here, on our Facebook/Twitter pages, and through our weekly newsletter to help pick them out, and then we’ll unveil the top tens one at a time, one each week, beginning in January.

Any early suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section, but stay tuned, we’re going to start shortly!