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BlueClaws GM Hits the Airwaves

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

BlueClaws General Manager Brandon Marano was on the radio this morning, joining both WOBM stations to talk about FanFest, at FirstEnergy Park this Saturday.

He was on the AM with Bob & Marianne, an interview which you can listen to by clicking here or using the embed player below. 1160/1310 WOBM-AM, by the way, is the radio home of the BlueClaws.

Brandon was also on with Shawn & Sue (participants in the June 17th Celebrity Hitting Challenge) on 92.7 WOBM FM, which you can listen to by clicking here.

BlueClaws, Townsquare Extend Agreement

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

We’re very excited to announce that the BlueClaws and Townsquare Media have extended their agreement and all BlueClaws games will be now be carried on WOBM-AM 1160/1310 as well as through 2015.

The BlueClaws have been on these stations since 2002 and this agreement ensures 14 straight years on the same stations, which is tremendous.

Here are the quotes:

BlueClaws GM Geoff Brown: Townsquare Media has been a tremendous partner of ours for the last 10 years. This agreement ensures that our fans can continue to hear BlueClaws games on the same stations for more than a decade. We’re ecstatic to be in a situation like this.

Townsquare Director of the Shore Sports Network Kevin Williams: We put such an emphasis on our local, Jersey Shore community, and the BlueClaws are obviously an extension of that. They’re a big part of our programming and we’re thrilled to extend our partnership.

On a side note, Adam Giardino and I will be blogging on that site as well as this one during the season, with the first one going up later this week. We’ll share those blogs here as well.

BlueClaws games begin with the BlueClaws Beat Pre-Game Show 15 minutes before the first pitch. The first broadcast begins at 6:45 pm on April 5th, a week from tomorrow.

Here is the full release.

Geoff Brown on WOBM-AM

Friday, January 20th, 2012

If you missed BlueClaws GM Geoff Brown on this morning with Kevin Williams on WOBM-AM 1160/1310 (the radio home of the BlueClaws!), you can listen to the interview by clicking here (save link as and then you can listen on your computer or drag it into iTunes and listen on your iPod).

They talk about the upcoming season but primarily about the Phillies Winter Tour event coming to Lakewood on Wednesday (details here).

Or click below to listen:

Update: Correct audio file – I had linked the promo podcast from the previous post.

GB with B&M on OBM

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

BlueClaws GM Geoff Brown joined Bob and Marianne this morning on WOBM-AM (our flagship station). You can hear the interviews.

Part one & Part two.


Geoff Brown on with Bob & Marianne

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

wobmamnewBlueClaws GM Geoff Brown joined Bob and Marianne this morning on our flagship station, 1160/1310 WOBM-AM, Good Time Oldies, to talk about a number of topics including FanFest on Saturday, some potential BlueClaws, what’s new at the ballpark, getting ready for the season and much more.

You can listen to the interview in full by clicking here.

Ted DiBiase on the Shore Sports Report

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Ted Dibase, the Million Dollar Man, who will sign autographs at Saturday’s BlueClaws game, joined Mike and Joe on the Shore Sports Report earlier today. Here are some highlights:

  • Funniest line was when Joe Giglio was welcoming him in and said that he didn’t know what to call him, Ted or the Million Dollar Man, but DiBiase said “You can just call me Rich.”
  • Vince McMahon: “I liked working for him because I never got paid any better…I’ve never seen a man in my life with more work ethic. Nobody works in that company any harder than he does.”
  • Million Dollar Man was Vince’s personal creation. “If Vince were to become one of the characters, this is what he would be.”
  • He flew first class in an effort to market the character as a guy who really was one of the richest men in the world.
  • Favorite guy to go against: “Hulk Hogan, that’s who I made the most money wrestling. As far as in the ring, Jake the Snake. He was really really good. I had some great matches with Bret Hart as well.”
  • “I loved Andre the Giant. He genuinally was a gentle giant. But when you’re 7-4 / 450, you can’t hide anywhere. He hated to be crowded. Now we go to Japan, a 14-hour flight. We check in and drop off our bags. I push the button and he comes in the elevator. Now we’re going down, and each floor, someone else gets in. People keep getting on. Then he winks at me. I don’t know how to say this, but the Giant let out the longest, gas. When the elevator door opened, it was a mass exodus.” LOL.

Arrive early. The line will form when the gates open at 6:00 pm. The signing begins when the game starts, at 7:05.

The Shore Sports Switcheroo

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

shoresportsreportThe Shore Sports Switcheroo…we are going to do something pretty cool on Tuesday (June 8th). As you know, I am a weekly guest with Mike and Joe on their Shore Sports Report every Thursday at 5 pm (on 1160/1310 and They host their show every day from 3-6 pm, and then we do the BlueClaws games at night.

Not on June 8th.

We’re switching spots, so we will host their show from 3-6 pm and then Mike and Joe will call that night’s BlueClaws game against Greensboro beginning at 6:50. It’s going to be fun.

We’ve already lined up a few guests, including: 2009 BlueClaws manager Dusty Wathan, former BlueClaws broadcasters Brendan Burke and Ben Wagner, Tony Graham from the Asbury Park Press, Jay Floyd of, BlueClaws manager Mark Parent, BlueClaws team photographer Dave Schofield and more.

Keep it here for updates as we build up, and we’ll talk about it more in the usual spot on Thursday.

Sorry One More

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Weekly spot at 5:05 today to talk some BlueClaws…Domingo Santana, Colby Shreve, Jarred Cosart, and more. It all comes up at 5:05 on the Shore Sports Network, 1160 WOBM-AM, Fox Sports 1310 or Hope you can tune in!

Boss of the Sauce

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Tonight at Jenkinson’s in Point Pleasant is 105.7 The Hawk’s annual Boss of the Sauce competition. The event:

Roll up your sleeves, let out your belt and get ready to sample till you can’t sample no more. Boss Of The Sauce 2010 is open to all ages and is a great excuse to skip dinner that night—trust us, come hungry. You’ll sample free food from the cream of the crop of Jersey Shore restaurants and help decide who will be 2010’s Boss Of The Sauce: The People’s Choice.

Most importantly, vote for the BlueClaws! The BlueClaws and Any Event Catering will have an entry in the event and we hope that if you’re going, you’ll give us some consideration.

One other radio note, Mike and Joe from the Shore Sports Report will be broadcasting live on Opening Night at FirstEnergy Park. That’s Friday from 3-6 pm. I am a Thursday afternoon guest on their show, heard on the Shore Sports Network (1160/1310 am or

Shameless Plug

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

I’ll be going on with Mike and Joe on the Shore Sports Network…1160 WOBM-AM and Fox Sports 1310 (online here) at 5:05 today to talk FanFest, spring training, maybe a little NCAA Tourney (I have Nova in the Final Four) too.

Today’s Radio Schedule

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

5:05: Broadcaster Greg Giombarrese with the Shore Sports Report (1160 WOBM-AM and Fox Sports 1310)

6:20: The Roof-Man (who is still collecting blood for Central Jersey Blood Center), 1160 WOBM-AM with Tom Mongelli

6:30: BlueClaws GM Geoff Brown, 1160 WOBM-AM with Tom Mongelli

6:50: Pre-game show with Josh Ellis, Shore Sports Network (1160 WOBM-AM and Fox Sports 1310)

7:05: First pitch with Greg Giombarrese and Josh Ellis

All audio online here:

Shameless Plug

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

All our games this year will of course be on the Shore Sports Network…1160 WOBM-AM and Fox Sports 1310. I’ll be on the Shore Sports Report on the Fox Station today at 5:05 (EST). Click here to listen live.

BlueClaws Notes

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Shore Sports NetworkSome quick BlueClaws notes as we close in on the 2009 season…

All BlueClaws games will once again be broadcast on the Shore Sports Network, 1160 WOBM-AM and Fox Sports 1310. Press release here.

April 7th is the team’s annual open practice. It’s the first chance to see the players before the season begins April 9th. Details here.

The BlueClaws & have turned Dollar Night into Dollar Weekend…tickets just $1.00 on April 10th, April 11th, and April 12th.

  • Friday 4/10, 7:05: post-game fireworks
  • Saturday 4/11, 4:05: Buster’s birthday and a Buster growth-chart giveaway
  • Sunday 4/12, 1:05: The Jersey Shore’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt

More BlueClaws Talk in “The Locker Room”

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Shore Sports NetworkOur friend Kevin Williams had BlueClaws GM Geoff Brown on his show Tuesday afternoon. Today, he’ll speak to the newest BlueClaws manager, Dusty Wathan, at 3:35. You can hear the show on 1160 WOBM-AM or Fox Sports 1310. If you’re stuck at work, you can get a live stream on your computer by clicking here.

To learn more about Wathan, see the post below for our Q&A with the new manager, click here for the official BlueClaws release, or click here for the story in the Asbury Park Press.